Cove Music is a small, young independent company co-founded by brothers, Thomas and Oliver Spencer, who are themselves artists.

​'We decided a long time ago we would take a very different route into the music industry. We wanted the freedom to be ourselves, to be original, to be heard, but most of all we wanted to make music in our own way.

For us, setting up our own music company just felt the right thing to do.  It may not have been the easiest solution, but it was empowering. What started off as a means of allowing us to write and record our own album is now growing and the possibilities are endless.

​It's been a few years since we bought some basic equipment, recorded our first album in our basement kitchen and launched ourselves onto the music scene. Miraculously, we achieved a Top 20 chart position, but more importantly we knew there was no going back. We have worked incredibly hard to learn and perfect our craft and we don’t give up when things get tough. In fact, we believe creative thinking and sheer determination can overcome most obstacles. An approach that makes us relentlessly optimistic!

​We remember the day we flew from our home in England to Los Angeles for a five minute meeting on the off chance it could lead to something. In the end we stayed considerably longer and part of our heart is now firmly embedded in the ‘City of Angels.’  The journey we embarked on all those years ago was never just about us. We came to realise that our ‘story’ is where it connects with others and we’ve shared some great times with the people we’ve worked with.

​We hope that being a part of the Cove ‘family’ is a memory that stays with you, a moment in time where you got to do something special.

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"