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Recording Studio




We write music in most genres from full orchestral scores to atmospheric beds.

So whether you're looking for cool and edgy, pomp and circumstance or mainstream contemporary, we can deliver the sound.

We are highly experienced in writing to brief, having worked on adverts, music for film, TV and major sports, and we are songwriters. All of which can be commissioned to your specification.

We work with some great publishing houses who include our work within their music libraries, including Warner Chappell, Universal, EMI and Hitpoint Music.



What can we say, we are passionate about film.

We compose original themes or 'trailerise' some of the great music out there. 

Explosive, exciting, impactive and memorable. We are constantly looking for the unusual, the different sound that will define the project. 

We are experienced in writing to picture and totally get how important the build up is to creating and maximising your audience.



We don't treat the recording process as a technical job, We look for the magic; for that extra level where you can walk away knowing you've delivered the best of you.

The professionals we work with are fantastic at their job. They have recorded some of the greatest artists on the music scene today.



Arrangements as they were meant to be, or like nothing you've heard before. Your choice!

From digitally built tracks to live orchestral recordings; from beautifully simple backing to complex and impactive scores.

Music can enhance, define and promote your project in a way it becomes the very essence of a brand.



There will only ever be one Elvis, so we focus on who you are.

It doesn't matter where you're starting from, we may have a few ideas up our sleeve. 

You're unique, so our approach is just that. We don't believe in one size fits all, we will make a of point of understanding what you would like to achieve and look for ways you can grow and reach your goals.

We can offer a 'one off' consultancy, a set time period or a bespoke service. 



Thomas Spencer is an award-winning singer who studied voice at Trinity College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music in London, where he gained his post graduate and teaching diploma.

Thomas offers vocal coaching for all ages and abilities, specialising in Classical, Contemporary and Music Theatre.

Whether you are a professional singer, preparing for a recording session or simply looking to enhance and enjoy singing on an amateur level, Thomas will work with you to understand your voice and what you hope to achieve.

For the industry, he offers a bespoke package to work with the artist and record label prior to, and during, a studio recording.



We have visited schools, colleges and universities to give musical workshops, and to chat to students about the different aspects of the music industry.

For anyone considering a career in the arts, it is an opportunity to talk, ask questions and to learn more in a comfortable, engaging environment.

Each visit can be tailored to your specification, to compliment your curriculum and enhance the learning experience.


We also get involved in community based projects where connecting people and common goals is at the heart of it. Our charity single in support of Kick for Life brought together all 90 English football clubs. 


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