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We love the moment when the magic is captured. The top professionals we work with know what it takes to do just that. So whether it’s a single track, an EP or a full album, we'll put our heart and soul into it. 



We are in the unique position of being able to write original music in any genre. songs, advertising cues, music for TV and film can all be commissioned to your specification. And we’re working on developing our own library to launch in 2018.




Arrangements as they were meant to be or like nothing you’ve ever heard before. From digitally built tracks to live orchestral recording, from beautifully simple backing to complex orchestration, music can define who you are.





We can stream and sell your music on sites worldwide.

And if you prefer physical stock to sell, we have access to high quality manufacturing.



There will only ever be one Elvis, so we focus on who you are.

Today’s working relationships should be collaborative, respectful and rewarding. We believe in helping people to unlock their own potential.  

Plus, we are known to have a few ideas up our sleeve!





We have access to some very talented artists and musicians both in the US and the UK, so if you are looking for something or someone special, give us a call.



An image can immortalise who you are and a moment in time. They say we only have less than a minute to create an impact.

We focus on the seconds that matter.



Any project needs to stimulate the senses. Whether it’s a small intimate venue or a show fit for a stadium, the lighting helps create the mood, the feel and the spectacle of it all.




From masterclasses and vocal coaching to career chats and industry insights,

we love working with choirs, community groups and educational establishments.

Why not lead the field and enable your students to write and record your school song or music.

We offer a fully flexible package to suit you.