Whether it's a one-off project or the start of a long standing relationship, we are just as proud.   

Check out some of the artists we've worked with.



Internationally acclaimed Pop Opera–Contemporary singer-songwriter Clara Helms is one of Australia’s most popular and sought after talents who rose to fame after becoming a finalist on channel 7’s ‘Australia’s Got Talent’.

Clara is exploring where her voice takes her and getting ready for recording in 2018, meanwhile check out her fabulous new single.


Canadian singer Alexa Ray is about to set the gaming world on fire as she gets ready to release more tracks in 2018. Classically trained, she is equally captivating whether it's an aria or a pop ballad.

Video Gamer meets Vocal Superstar and the combination is awesome!


Described by the Sunday Express as"...the solo version of Il Divo...",  sensational British singer Thomas Spencer can easily glide from classical through to pop. His album 'The Journey' produced by 17x Grammy-Award winner  Humberto Gatica, demonstrates the arrangements and original music Cove is becoming known for.


Based in Los Angeles, Francesca is a classically-trained American soprano with an extensive resume in both opera and musical theatre. Her soaring voice has been heard on FOX, CBS and the History Channel, in addition to starring in Les Misérables, and the San Diego Opera whom she has performed with for five years. 

Her new EP shows just how versatile her amazing voice is.



British singer Riva Taylor is currently preparing to release her new album.


It's been some time since she worked with Cove but a highlight was performing a Cove original song specially commissioned by BAFTA at the Video Games Awards Ceremony.