Thomas trained as a singer, studying at the Royal Academy of Music and Trinity College of Music in London. He combines his work with Cove with his own solo career, having just released his debut international album.

This gives him a unique insight into the mind of an artist and a genuine understanding of every step of the recording process. Whilst a teaching diploma in vocal studies adds value to artists technique and getting the most of the recorded performance.

He is passionate about quality of work and exploring ideas where even the smallest of changes can make a difference. Thomas is the driving force behind Cove and is fast becoming a 'go to' producer, known for his unique ability to help find an artist's defining sound.

Favourite Band - Queen

Favourite Food - Pepperoni Pizza

Best box set to binge-watch - Homeland, The West Wing, Frasier 

Likes - Football , Films, Video Games, LA Life, 

Not a lot of people know this but...he's a table tennis fiend!