Having trained at the Royal Academy of Music and Trinity College of Music in London, composer and songwriter Oliver spends his time between the UK and Los Angeles. 

His music has been used for brands such as the NFL, NBA, ESPN, NASCAR, Netflix, Discovery Channel and the BBC. His songs feature on the albums of his brother, Thomas Spencer and other upcoming artists on the Cove roster.

He was commissioned to write the opening song for the BAFTA Video Games Awards and has extensive experience as an arranger and orchestrator, most notably heard on the 'Monday Night Football Theme' for ESPN.

Oliver is married to Jenny (a viola player) and has two sons, William and Sebastian, and a daughter, Henrietta.

Favourite Music - Metallica, Ralph Vaughan Williams

Favourite Food - Bacon Sandwiches (he meant to say green salad)

Best box set to binge-watch - Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones

Likes - Football, Writing Music, Chocolate Biscuits    

Not a lot of people know this but...he is a pretty good goalkeeper. He also has the ability to retain huge amounts of football trivia!