Originally from Yorkshire, England (and very proud of it), Dom later became an organ scholar at Pembroke College, Cambridge, once he realised his love of cricket was unlikely to result in an English cricketing career.

Thomas and Oliver met Dom when they studied together at the Royal Academy of Music in London and quickly became friends. He plays nine instruments, has perfect pitch and excels at the piano. He conducts all of our orchestral sessions worldwide, when he's not working as Director of Music at a prestigious school in England.

He is married to Kate (a violinist), the twin sister of Oliver's wife Jenny, and stepfather to Mason (who has just started learning the Trumpet!) so technically very much part of the Cove family.

Likes - Cricket  (Yorkshire, of course), Golf and did we mention Cricket?

Favourite Band - The Duckworth Lewis Method

Favourite Food - Yorkshire Pudding

Not a lot of people know this but... his younger brother is an international sports superstar...at Croquet!