Celebrating over 21 years as an award winning professional lighting, set and projection designer, South African born Declan Randall has travelled the world designing on more than 400 projects covering all aspects of live entertainment including music events, drama, opera, musicals and dance. 


We met Declan some years ago, when we were just starting out. We knew then he was right for us and we can't imagine ever working without him. Not only is he brilliant at what he does, he’s one of the nicest, most respectful guys you will ever meet.  

Declan is married to Kate (a violinist) and we love them both.

Favourite Band - Elton John

Favourite Food - Mince Pies and Bacon - just not at the same time!

Best Box Set to binge-watch - Breaking Bad

Likes - Rollercoasters, Themeparks, Cartoons/Animation, Cats

Not a lot of people know this but...he always thought he was going to be a famous movie director - and then he discovered design.